Frequently Asked Questions


Hi... hopefully this will help you with some of your questions if you are planning to visit us at Minikin...


What are the Christmas cutoff dates?
11th June - pottery painting

15th April - clay imprints 

Can I book? We don't have a booking system as we never know how long people will paint for and we don't like to rush anyone. So, instead you can call us 30 minutes before your visit on 0161 9736822 and we'll hold the next available table for you. If there is a larger group then it is usually best to arrive when we open at 10am so we can seat you together straight away, just call us and let us know which day so we can get ready for you.

How does the pottery painting work? You pick a piece of pottery (bisque) and paint it however you like/ do handprints, you then leave this with us for kiln firing which takes a week.

Can I get my pots back earlier than a week? We can offer a next day service which costs £15. £10 if you need 2 to 4 days early or £5 if you need any earlier after that. This is to cover the additional firing costs.

Is pottery painting suitable for any age? Yes! It's a brilliant and creative activity for everyone. Capture hand and footprints, paint a beautiful gift, therapeutic. It really is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Will I get help doing hand and footprints? Yes, if youd like help with hand and footprints we'll happily help, just ask! We can do hand and footprints for babies and children of any age.

Do I have to do my own writing and painting? That's half the fun!! We will give you tips for great writing and have practice tiles to use. If you don't want to do the wriiting we have a writing service that starts at £2 per pot and has a lead time of 2-3 weeks.

Is the paint safe? Yes, all of our paints are water based, lead free and toxic free. Bring along your baby wipes to wipe little hands and feet.

Can I microwave or put my pottery in the dishwasher? please do not put pottery in the microwave, the ceramic is earthenware which will get very hot in the microwave and there is a risk you could burn yourself. We advise against using a dishwasher as they are aggressive methods of washing and age ceramics quickly and may cause damage. 

How long do you keep my completed pots for? Due to storage we can only keep finished pots for 4 months so don't forget to collect

How much does it cost? Prices start at £6 and each individual pot is priced according to size and shape. The majority of our pots average between £10-£25.

Can I pay by card? Yes however, we do not accept American Express There is a cash machine next door at Sainsbury’s across the road if you need to withdraw cash.

At what age can I do clay imprints/ stone outprints? Any age, the youngest we've done to date was only 42 hours old!

How long will it take for my clay imprints/ stone outprints to be ready? These are all hand made and go through several processes including every frame being hand built so this can take up to 8 weeks.

Can I bring my pram? Yes, we have space for prams and baby changing facilities.

Do you serve drinks and food? We serve hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes, biscuits & crisps. we have excellent cafes and restaurants either side of us which you can enjoy before or after your visit to us.

Do you have parking? We have 2 spaces down the side of our shop by the railings and 1 on the pavement at the front. Sainsbury’s have a large car park opposite us or there is on street parking near by. 

Can I get there by public transport? Yes, we are 5 minutes walk from Sale metrolink station and surrounded by several bus stops.




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